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Our Appetite

We are a working layer casualty reinsurer supporting our clients by offering:

    Cinque Terre

Conventional Support

Automobile Liability
General Liability and Products/Completed Operations
Excess Liability, including carve-out lines
Railroad Protectives
Owners & Contractors Protectives

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Errors & Omissions Liability
Medical Professional Liability
Miscellaneous Professional Liability
Programs and Facilities

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Industry Specific Expertise

Construction Risks, including wrap-ups
High Hazard Products
Oil and Gas
Liquor Liability

Here's how we've helped others... how can we help you?

Exposure State Coverage
Communications & Audio Installation Contractor IL General Liability
Local Furniture Delivery Operation CT Umbrella Auto Carve Out
Towing Operation CA Automobile Liability
Replacement Axle Manufacturer OH Umbrella Liability
Process Pipe Manufacturer IN Umbrella Liability
Electrical Contractor IN General Liability
Snow Removal Contractor NY General Liability
Landscaping Contractor NY General Liability
Recycling Equipment Repair MN General Liability
Crane Contractor OH General Liability
Low-rise Motel IL General Liability
Medical Records Delivery Service IL Automobile Liability

*Updated 4Q2017

"Thanks again for all you do to support us. You really are our first choice for facultative reinsurance and I'm speaking for the whole Great Lakes Region!"

-- Regional Executive for a national carrier

"I want to thank you for dropping everything to help me."

-- Regional company underwriter

"Thank you for taking a look at this one so quickly for us."

-- Home office underwriter for a regional company

"Thanks for such a quick turnaround."

-- Specialty underwriter

"I greatly appreciate your quick response. "

-- Regional excess underwriter

Bullet Point 1

Experienced, educated and collaborative in our underwriting decisions

Bullet Point 2

Underwriters with an average of over 30 years casualty experience

Bullet Point 3

90% of our quotes are released in one day or less

Bullet Point 4

Our Select Renewal Process facilitates easy renewal

Bullet Point 5

We operate locally out of five locations


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Contractor E & O

Cyber Liability

Employment Practices

Liquor Liability

Micsellaneous Professional

Technology E & O

Non-Profit D & O

Family Cyber

Allied Health